la dolce vita

giovane cafe + eatery + market combines authentically local and italian fare with a comfortable, modern space. what we love best is that you can start your day off with coffee and finish with wine!

the market

our market is not just a foodie’s haven, we cater to the fashion-savvy too. whether you are looking for meal inspiration, hard-to-come-by gourmet olive oils and truffles, gift-giving ideas and baskets, seasonal features, or home accessories, textiles and international magazines we’ve got something for everyone.

for meal inspiration or a quick fix we offer a wide selection of meals on the fly which includes: grab-and-go lunches, prepared lasagna, risottos, stocks, soups, sides, fresh pastas and sauces. basically you can fake it so you don’t have to make it – go ahead, we won’t tell.


the art of development

discover our hotel’s unique art and architecture with a fascinating self-guided podcast tour throughout our exquisite property. over the course of 35 minutes, the podcast invites listeners to explore and learn more about the public art and architectural detail at fairmont pacific rim, beginning outside and gradually making the way throughout the hotel’s first and second floors. the art collection is not themed, rather driven by the interest and passion of the owners and developers westbank and the peterson group. priority has been placed on showcasing the best of local vancouver artists, and at the same time ensuring international and commissioned works are prominent. we invite you to browse more about our growing art collection here.

fairmont pacific rim

situated on the picturesque waterfront of coal harbour, fairmont pacific rim sets the standard for reinvented luxury. sophisticated and contemporary, the hotel takes inspiration from the natural beauty of its surroundings and infuses these elements into its plan, décor and culinary delights.

featuring five-star amenities, fairmont pacific rim’s rooms are designed for luxurious comfort, with state-of-the-art technology ready to meet your every whim. with some of the most lavish suites in vancouver, the hotel offers you a true world-class experience: from dining, to the willow stream spa, to the exclusive rooftop pool.